Back To The Basics

2 Oct

Ephesians 5:15-16  “Pay attention, then, to how you walk, not as unwise people, but wise–making the most of time, because the days are evil.”

Greetings from Foundation Community Church!

I want to share with you just a moment about getting “Back to the Basics”.  The verse of scripture that I included from Ephesians 5 can be focused on in many different ways.  What stood out to me upon reading the verse was the part which reads “make the most of time”.  I began to reflect on moments when I do not make the most of my time.  This can lead to many adverse situations in our lives.  These situations may be at work, at home, at church, or even in our daily Christian walk.  If you have been a Christian for even only a short period of time, you realize that much of your day is spent meditating on Christ.  These moments of meditation help keep us focused on the basic fundementals of Christian living.  For me those basic fundementals are prayer, meditating on the word, and worship.  We should be doing all of these AT LEAST once a day.   It is when we get away from these fundamentals that we lose focus on Him…and losing focus on Him is not the direction that you want to be going.  I you have drifted from this way of living, then I encourage you today to get “Back to the Basics”.  If you become consistant with this, Christ will begin to bless in more ways than you can imagine.

Pastor Scott


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